How Much Can I Afford?

How much of total monthly payment can I really take on?

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Should I rent or buy?


Who is looking out for my best interests?


 Which mortgage is better for my situation?



These are the questions you may be asking yourself. Providing answers is where I begin with potential new clients.


Your overall financial goals are critical when making this purchase because your home loan is typically your largest monthly debt, asset, and tax deduction. It is important to talk to a licensed mortgage planner who can discuss all of your options with you.


How to choose a mortgage broker or banker to aid in this process is a common question. An excellent starting point is to obtain a referral from your Realtor. Your Realtor wants to enhance your home buying experience and will recommend a trusted professional who has demonstrated integrity and knowledge on the various options available to finance a home purchase.


There are additional questions that you may not have considered along the way whether you are experienced or first time home buyer given all the changes in the lending industry. I can help you understand your options given your unique goals. There is no obligation or cost associated with getting pre-approved with me.


With over 16 years of mortgage planning experience and a licensed financial planning practice you will receive more than a loan option, but also planning experience to ensure that the home purchase fits with you overall financial goals and debt/asset plans all at the same or lower cost as other bank lending options.


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